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Basal linings, capping and leachate storage lagoons

The geomembrane liner in basal applications should be the most effective line of defence in protecting the environment and is generally the lowest cost component of the total cost of project.

A geomembrane liner which is appropriately specified and installed by competent and certificated technicians can prevent toxic and liquid contaminants from entering ground aquifers in the long term and can possess expected service life durations approaching nearly 1000 years!

Areas of use include industrial waste cells, municipal landfill, nuclear waste repositories, coal and mineral spoil heaps and dumps, agricultural waste spoils and which store both liquid and solid waste.

Leachate storage lagoons

The liner systems used in these facilities are often more critical in terms of their aspects of design selection and installation than the adjacent waste depositories which they serve. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a much greater hydraulic head of organic leachate exerted upon the liner system than there is in waste impoundments.

To cope with this additional need for security against potential leakage, the liner system is often designed with thicker membranes and can comprise multiple layers with intermediate drainage layers for the purpose of detecting and collecting any leakage which results from defects in the primary (upper) liner component.

Caps and crowns to waste impoundments

In order to provide suitable final closure to waste impoundments and to prevent the ingress of precipitation and adjacent run-off into the waste impoundment, with the need in many cases to reduce the amount of leachate generated, these areas are capped with durable and flexible linings which are installed by competent contractors and which resist the effects of upward gas migration whilst at the same time accommodate differential settlement without loss of integrity.

These represent the primary functions of a cap and crown system, whilst secondary benefits include for the elimination or reduction of dust, odour and scavangers.

Without an effective cap or cover to the waste body, there is potential for ingress of excessive water inflow with the consequence of increased volumes of undesirable leachate being generated.

Liner systems which are used in capping situations should be flexible and durable to withstand and accommodate any calculated settlements and maintain their integrity and continuity as a system in the long term.

Liners to caps and crowns can be applied on a final closure basis where a degree of permanence is required or installed on a temporary basis, during the course of landfilling or waste deposition to provide the same benefits as described before.

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