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Protection barriers against methane and radon ingress

Flexible geomembrane lining systems constitute what is now fast becoming the first choice for designers in the building construction and land remediation industries.

These liner systems are generally of thin to medium grade and are resistant to naturally occurring gases such as methane, radon and carbon dioxide. They are installed horizontally in the foundation below the foundation slab and can be located above a ventilation void which intercepts and re-directs any gas which would otherwise accumulate, laterally and away from the structure rather than allowing entry into it via cracks, joints or other potential pathway.

In all respects, the liner design, selection and installation should ensure long term durability and chemical resistance with weld integrity over the operational life of the structure and this should be undertaken by experienced contractors. Aspects such as attachment of liner system to service pipes, under stairwells, perimeter walls and pile caps are all-important aspects of the liner design and installation.

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