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Security bunds - secondary liner systems to gas and oil tank impoundments

Tank storage facilities for the petro-chemical industry can be large in terms of volumes of product stored and are designed with surrounding security bunds to contain any catastrophic spillage which might occur. These bunds are designed with a factor of safety so that overtopping is not possible in the event of major tank failure events.

The products stored are generally liquid gas, petroleum, crude oil and other potentially hazardous chemicals and products. It is therefore imperative that when used for the storage of such products these tanks and systems remain intact for the life of service.

However, instances have been recorded whereby the steel is subject to corrosive effects approximately 1-2m up from the base as a result of attack by galvanic action, whilst concrete structures can be prone to attack by lime hungry chemicals and both are susceptible to movements as a result of ground movements which can affect their stability and integrity.

When such corrosive effects or movements are extreme the inevitable consequence is for product to spill and can have a pronounced effect on the local environment, with severe consequences for general health and public safety.

In recent times, legislation has required the use of liner systems to be applied to the areas immediately below the tank bases and also throughout the entire security bund area. These liner systems can be installed during the construction cycle of new tanks, installed in the foundation zone or can be retro-fitted to these zones as a means of upgrading security in older tanks.

Whilst most liner systems are not acceptable for use as primary liners in direct contact with the hydro-carbon rich liquids, they represent the best solution for emergency capture of spillage and for the protection of the environment as secondary liners in that they prevent direct contact of product with the local environment and allow sufficient time for the removal of spilled product from the area in the aftermath of failure.

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