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Lined SUDS water attenuation systems and pipe chambers

These systems are seeing increased use in the collection, storage and filtration of run-off water from precipitation and are being used extensively in domestic, utility, sports and leisure as well as industrial applications.

They comprise sub-surface chambers and conduits, often located at shallow depths, which are either constructed in the form of void formers wrapped and sealed in flexible liner membranes (0.75mm – 1.0mm LLDPE/FPP), welded in situ and protected by geotextile fleece layers or by large bore plastic pipe systems which are fabricated on site with interconnecting laterals, manholes and blank ends.

Either option has great flexibility and versatility when determining and constructing for various specific storage volumes required on site.

The types and size of storage receptacles are based on the need for attenuation which is used when there is a need to reduce the peak discharge rate from sites while longer term, larger receptacles or chambers are used when there is a need to reduce the additional volume of run-off which results from the presence of developments.

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