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Internal rehabilitation to reservoirs and tanks using flexible liners

A new lease of life can be afforded to existing liquid containment structures which have suffered chemical attack or which have had their water retaining capabilities taken away by sub surface movements causing dislocation of joints by employing full internal lining systems which redeem these lost properties.

New structures can be protected from similar attack by installing an appropriate liner system at the time of initial construction.

Concrete structures are attacked over the long term by acidic or lime hungry liquids or demineralised water, whilst steel and stainless steel can be etched by the long term effects of alkali-rich liquids.

History attests to the fact that a well designed and installed flexible liner system has proven benefits in extending the service life of pre-existing and new build structures.

The liner system is typically applied to the full internal area of the walls and floor and in certain cases even the underside of the soffit where gases may rise to, and attack the roof slab.

In situations where ground movements have been the cause of slab dislocation and resultant leakage, the liner system can redeem the liquid retaining capabilities of a badly leaking structure.

The HydroClick  Lining System.

The HydroClick system was developed in co-operation between Etertub AG and Agru, with the former specialising in potable water applications for more than 30 years. It was developed for use in existing structures which have deteriorated to the point of not meeting the stringent water quality storage requirements of today. It is suitable for new and retrofit applications.

The HydroClick system comprises a 4mm thick smooth Polyethylene liner with distance spacers 9mm long on the rear (structure) side. The PE resin is approved for use in potable water applications by OVGW/SVGW. The 'Click' profile is aligned with the studs to the rear of the sheet and contains a co-extruded electro-conductive layer which facilitates spark testing subsequent to completing the extrusion welding operation to the PE sheets.

The distance spacers provide the added benefit in that a secondary drainage layer is not required behind the liner and provides a very efficient drainage layer in itself. The void formed between the liner and the structure also acts as a breather layer and thus eliminates any condensate build up behind the liner which could cause further deterioration of the concrete structure.

The HydroClick provides good resistance to Chlorine up to 3ppm, has an expected service life of more than 50 years, is quick to install and is robust and easy to clean. It is suited to high pressure water jetting and brushing and squeegees can be applied.

Prior to installation works commencing, there is no requirement for any surface pre-cleaning nor for the removal of pre-existing coatings and once fully welded in position provides a fully watertight lining solution.

The HydroClick is designed for use where there is no exposure to UV rays and is suitable in conditions where maximum liquid temperatures of 30C with temperature fluctuations of +/- 10C are experienced.

It is with pleasure that Plasweld can announce its co-operation with Agru for the sale and installation of this system in the UK via major utility companies and Water Authorities.

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