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Liners to golf course, business park, sport grounds decorative ponds and lakes

The constant splashing and movement of water in a feature is a pleasure for everyone to enjoy and a well constructed decorative pond will give a lifetime of pleasure.

A pond that leaks, however, is a constant source of irritation to the client, both in time and effort spent in attempts at repairs and also in the actual cost of time and materials.

Oftentimes, the sites which are selected for the location of a water feature do not possess impermeable clay strata, so water-tight features incorporating liners have to be used.

Concrete, shot-crete or fibreglass liners often crack with time as poorly compacted soil settles and creates cracks in what are regarded as more brittle liner types. What frequently occurs is the formation of cracks and fissures below the water line and below cascades and overhangs where their identification is not easy, resulting in constant needs for top-up with water, representing inconvenience and cost.

Geomembrane liner products which have been used in major and critical industrial water storage projects for the last three decades have now been adapted for use in landscaping and aesthetic water designs, where qualities which have ensured their success in more demanding construction activities now present excellent solutions for more decorative water storage purposes.

Smooth, thin and medium grade flexible geomembranes are the preferred choice due to the fact that they do not allow the attachment of micro-organisms, they do not damage fish fins and tails, are easily cleaned and maintained and improve overall pump efficiencies. They also can be applied to more irregular and odd shapes more easily than rigid materials due to their ability to be 'tailored' to suit specific shapes and sizes.

HDPE and LLDPE are material types which are well suited to the construction of decorative ponds and have been the materials of choice for many large corporate ponds, some of great complexity.

In all respects, the liner design, selection and installation should ensure long term durability and chemical resistance with weld integrity over the operational life of the structure and this should be undertaken by experienced contractors.

Aspects such as attachment of liner system to inlet, outlet and over structures and to fountain stems and other protruding structures are all-important aspects of the liner design and installation.

Whilst flexible liner systems are designed to operate without any cover or protective material, the appearance and protection of liner systems can be greatly enhanced with the use of protective geotextiles, stone pitching, soil containment cells and much more.

For smaller and more domestic, DIY orientated ponds Plasweld offers a wide range of folded flexible liner modules in packages from 2mx2m up to a massive 30mx30m if required.

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