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Vertical interceptor lining 'barriers or curtains' for isolating contaminated land

Increased demand on building and infrastructure development is placing making the selection of sites in suitably defined geological areas more difficult. The result being that more developments are being forced to take place either immediately adjacent to or actually within zones of what is regarded as marginal land. This requires radical changes in the approach to site preparation and construction techniques in order to render them fit for development.

This process inevitably means the modification or isolation of poor or contaminated ground and is generally achieved by means of vertical 'cut-off' or 'Interceptor' barriers which are vertically positioned in trenches encircling the area for development or isolating a contaminated area of ground. This approach is much more cost and technically effective than removing, cleaning and replacing the area of contamination, with the attendant problem of where and how to dispose of the contaminated ground still to be resolved once it has left the site.

These trenches are excavated down to the first substantial zone of impermeability and can be shallow or deep (down to 35m or so).

The means by which an effective seal can be achieved is by natural means such as clay or a bentonite slurry or in combination with HDPE liner sheets with interlock panels which are driven to the required depth with a steel plate or mandrel and creating a total seal between adjacent HDPE interlock sheets.

Plasweld can offer the fabrication and assembly of these specialist HDPE sheets with interlock panels to specified widths and lengths to suit specific project requirements.

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